Thu Jul 02, 2020

7/2/2020 - Home Gym

5 rounds:

400m run
10 Push ups
15 Sit ups
20 Air squats

7/2/2020 - Strength

Squat Clean Practice
10 minutes, every two minutes perform 2-3 squat cleans

*do not need to be touch and go

7/2/2020 - Push and Pull (20:00 cap)

5 rounds:
500/400m row
10 Bench Press (165/110)

*weight should be heavy enough that you cannot complete all sets unbroken (should take you 1-2 sets on the first round with smaller sets on later rounds)
*with this, there is build in rest on the bench in the later rounds
*since there is rest build in, move quick on the transitions to save time