Tue Feb 23, 2021

Program: Open Gym

Pec Stretch
Banded Hamstring stretch
15 Banded Good mornings

3 rounds
6 box step ups
6 deadlifts
4 burpee box jumps

There will be time to build to deadlift weight after the burpee conditioning piece

Burpee Cycling Benchmark

Burpee Cycling Benchmark

For Time, with a 6:00 Time Cap:

50 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24"/20")


- An aggressive time cap so that we approach with the right intensity.

- If we reach the time cap, our score will be 6:00 plus 1 second for every rep we *did not* complete.

- As an example, if we finished at 42 reps, our score would be 6:08.

Pull it Together

"Pull It Together"


600m/500m Row

9 Deadlifts

12 Single Dumbbell Burpee Box Step-Overs

Barbell - 275 / 185 lb

Dumbbell - 50 / 35 lb

Box - 24"/20"



1. Think of the row as the "recovery" station in this workout. This is the only place that we are always going to be making forward progress no matter what. At the start of each round think "just get on and start pulling."

2. Let's find a controlled rhythm on the deads. We want to keep our breathing under control here.

3. Be sure to practice the Single Dumbbell Burpee Box Step-Overs before you start in order to practice the foot work of it. Switchng hands every rep, every 2 reps, every 3 reps, or at halfway, may be the best way to go. Whatever allows you to stay moving with minimal breaks is the best way to go.